Make Sure That Your Company’s Awning Features This Information

When you run a business, hiring a company to install a large awning across the front of the building is a smart investment. If there's a sidewalk along the front of your business, people may gather under the awning during inclement weather — and this pause in this movement may be enough for them to look through your front window, develop an interest in what you're selling, and walk through your front door. An awning should do more than just provide shelter, though. It should also help to alert people to your business as they walk or drive past. Here are some bits of information that you should have on your awning.

Company Name

Few things are as frustrating for a prospective customer as an inability to find a certain business. Even if you have a sign on the front of your business, you want to do all that you can to make your brand visible. For example, if there are a couple pedestrians leaning on your front window and covering your sign, passersby may be unable to identify your business. Having the awning include your company's name will make it easier for people to quickly identify your business, as the awning won't typically be blocked by people or objects. Including an image reflective of your business can also catch peoples' eyes.

Contact Information

You have to realize that not everyone who identifies your business will be able to stop and walk in. For example, someone might be running late or have trouble finding a parking spot. However, if you provide some contact information on the awning — a website and a phone number are ideal — anyone passing by may quickly commit this information to memory or write it down, and then investigate your business with a phone call or a website visit later on.

Street Address

Although many people use GPS devices to navigate their way around the city, there are still plenty of people who look for a business' street address. This information, when presented clearly on your awning, will be helpful for customers. This won't just benefit your customers — it will also benefit people in the area who are looking for a different location and can use your street address as a bearing to know how close they are. Additionally, having your street address highly visible is helpful in the event of an emergency at your location, as first responders will be able to find your location quicker.

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