How To Make Small Rooms And Homes Seem More Spacious

If you have a small room or compact space in your home, open up and expand with some simple design tips. These suggestions will help give the illusion that the room is larger and loftier.

Change up the cabinets. Consider buying cabinet glass inserts for the doors and panels to create open, see-through shelving. Changing or removing the doors will take away the boxed-in feeling that a lot of cabinetry can present. Talk with contractors about replacing or restoring your doors and altering the facades with glass for a modern and dramatic makeover.

Customize your window treatments. Opt for custom window treatments that hang higher and lower than you might usually use. Install fixtures about six-inches above the upper-sill, and allow drapes to pool on the floor below. This will require much longer drapes or panels, so make sure to measure precisely before visiting vendors or ordering online.

Go modern. Modern furniture is simply less bulky than traditional, overstuffed furnishings. Go with these streamlined pieces to open up the area underneath, which can make a space seem larger. Choose white, black, or silver pieces to maintain a monochrome color scheme, which is frequently used when designing contemporary homes.

Lift-up the floor. Lighten and brighten the floor under your feet; first, remove floor coverings, carpeting, or rugs that may be obscuring the floor's natural surface. If you find hardwood, refurbish or wax. If you have concrete flooring, consider painting it with a neutral-toned paint that will go with the overall theme.

Brighten things up. Another way to make the room seem bigger is to brighten it up with LED ambient light fixtures. Go with dimmable fixtures that allow you to flood the space with light, as well as dim it as desired. Utilize small lamps for task lighting, such as near spots where you like to read.

Stay neutral. Go with neutral tones throughout your space, such as white, ivory, eggshell, or beige. Make sure that the wall color, ceiling paint, textiles, furnishings, window treatments, and other accents stay as close to this color as possible to create a cohesive, monochrome color scheme. Bring in little bursts of color with accent pillows, collectibles, and wall art; these tips will make your room seem far bigger and brighter.

Try these tips to make any room in your home seem bigger- particularly smaller or cramped spaces. Talk with home improvement merchants about buying what you need to expand your room and enhance your home.