3 Reasons A Hot Water Washer Can Be Better Than A Traditional Pressure Washer

If you like to keep the exterior of your home property clean and pristine, one of the first tools you will likely invest in will be a pressure washer. While basic pressure washers can do a pretty good job of cleaning certain fixtures, features, and items, there is another option that many homeowners find more effective: a hot water washer. A hot water washer is pretty much like a pressure washer, but it consists of an on-board heating system that heats the water you supply to a high temperature to make cleaning some things a lot easier. Take a look at three reasons a hot water washer can be better than a traditional pressure washer as a homeowner. 

Blast through stubborn spots of mold without having to use other chemicals. 

One thing homeowners are oftentimes looking to use a pressure washer for is to eliminate the growth of mold, mildew, or moss on home features like sidewalks, siding, and the roof. Even though a good high-powered pressure washer can help you get rid of mold on or around your home, it also can require that you utilize harsh chemicals and even extra scrubbing by hand to do so. With a hot water washer, you will find that the mold and moss will break down a lot faster, without requiring the use of anything else. 

Wash those more delicate features more easily, even with lower pressure. 

A pressure washer can do a lot of damage to things like wood siding and shutters, vinyl or stucco siding, and even concrete if you have the pressure set too high. With a hot water washer, you will find that you do not have to have the pressure as high as you would with a regular pressure washer to clean certain things. The heated water gives you more cleaning power without the excessive amount of pressure that would normally be required. 

Make cleaning paint from surfaces an easier feat. 

When you have a pressure washer on hand, it is an ideal tool to blast away paint on a painted surface during refinishing. However, if you have a hot water washer, the paint will be heated by the hot water, which will help it peel away much faster. You could tackle jobs like removing paint from your metal building or garage door, refinishing cabinetry that has old layers of paint, or even removing chipped paint around the windows. 

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