Don’t Know What Countertop To Choose? Here Is Some Information About The Most Popular Materials

When you are building a new home or even if you are renovating, one of the choices you must make is choosing what material your kitchen countertop should be. There are so many to pick from on the market that it can be a bit overwhelming to brand new home builders or those wanting to update their kitchens. The choice might be made a bit easier if you have a bit of information on each of the most popular types.


Marble is one that sits on top of the list of popular countertops. It is pretty and gives a very high-end feel to your kitchen. Marble is a porous material, meaning it will naturally absorb and retain odors pretty easily. It can also stain and needs to be sealed on a regular basis. You could use a chopping block on top of the counter if you really desire to have marble, otherwise, it should be used for a baking area.


Wood has been a very popular material to use for countertops for decades. It is pretty resilient and does look great. When you choose a lighter colored wood for your counters, you can pretty much choose any type of cabinet to go with them and it will match pretty nicely. On the other hand, wood does tend to show the cuts of your knives if not sealed properly. If it is not cared for right, stains may show and eventually, odors will remain within the wood.


Quartz is actually a manufactured material but is a very strong mineral capable of holding up to heavy kitchen use. Quartz is one of the easier countertops to care for and it doesn't require that you constantly seal it to maintain it's integrity. It cleans well and no odors tend to absorb into the counter. It can be a bit pricey though so you will have to budget for it.


Laminate is what is used in many diner style restaurants on their counters and tables due to the fact that it is a very tough material. Laminate is made of hard plastic and is often referred to as Formica. It can be found in a wide range of colors and designs and will stand the test of time over very heavy use. It might show its age over time, however, but it is a good alternative to more expensive materials.


Granite is a great option due to its affordability and attractiveness. It is a natural material and can sustain a lot of use in the kitchen. The surface retains its pretty shine over time, although more muted than other stone surfaces, and it is resistant to heat and scratching.

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