Tips To Get Your Gutters Clean

Your gutters help keep water from running off of your home and pooling around your foundation. Without them, your basement/crawl space could flood and your walls and ceilings could also get damaged by the water. Even with gutters, this damage can potentially happen if the gutters are clogged. Cleaning your gutters is an essential maintenance chore you should be doing to your home. See below for tips on how to keep your gutters clean.

Get Them Clean

Get your gutters clean using a ladder to get up high, a bucket and a small gardening shovel. You may also need a hose. Get up onto the ladder (have someone help hold the ladder steady) and then onto the roof (if possible). Take your bucket and gardening shovel with you, as well as the garden hose. Use the small shovel to dig out the contents of the gutter and place it into the bucket. Continue working down the entire gutter until it is completely cleaned out. Use the gardening hose to be sure the downspouts are clean as well. Place the garden hose into the downspout and watch for the water to come out at the bottom. If no water comes out, you may have a clog in the downspout. If there is a clog, try pushing the clog out using the hose, or a long thin piece of wood. Go all around your home, cleaning all of your gutters until they are all clean. 

Make Repairs

While up on the ladder cleaning your gutters, you should inspect them to be sure they are in good shape. Look to see that gutter hangers are still in place, and that gutter nails are all still attached. If any are missing, make the necessary repairs. Gutters that are sagging or pulling away from the house won't be able to do their job properly and can cause water damage to your home. Any gutters that are damaged beyond repair should be replaced with new ones. Make sure that downspouts have extensions so the water drains away from the house. Turn the extensions if need be away from the house.

Cleaning your gutters takes quite a bit of work, especially if you have a second story or a large home with a lot of gutters. Getting up onto a ladder or onto the roof is dangerous and should be left to a professional gutter cleaning company if you aren't sure about doing the work yourself. For more information, contact a business such as Mile High Seamless Gutters, Inc.