Is Your Pet Cat Ruining Your Window Shades? 3 Tips For Buying The Perfect Window Blinds

The window shades in your home are mostly responsible for adding more privacy to the rooms, as well as blocking out heat and making your home look more attractive indoors. While you may enjoy having blinds in your home, they can be a real problem if you have a pet cat. If you have a cat and you're concerned with them damaging your window blinds, there are a number of features that you can look for specifically to prevent any further damage and give your home the look that you want with attractive window shades.

Opt for Vertical Blinds for Your Cats to Push Aside

Horizontal blinds may be more common in homes, but they can also be a real problem when you have a cat. Your cat can easily stick their face through the slats and potentially harm themselves or pull down all of the blinds by accident. With this in mind, you'll want to look for vertical blinds that your cat can easily push aside without any harm. The slot size for vertical blinds can vary quite a bit, along with the looks of them, allowing you to still get the style that you want without it being potentially dangerous for your cat.

Choose Non-Fabric Blinds to Prevent Hair Build-Up

When comparing the materials for window blinds in your home, you should specifically look for blinds that won't attract hair. Fabric window blinds may not be the most common choice, but they are growing in popularity due to their unique look. While you may like the way that fabric blinds look in a home, you need to keep in mind how easily they can attract pet hair. By sticking with plastic or vinyl blinds instead, you can ensure that the cat's hair won't be an issue.

Look for Blinds That Are Easy to Clean

When comparing the different window blinds available, you need to prioritize blinds that will be easy for you to clean. Along with making sure that pet hair won't stick to the blinds, you should look for vinyl and plastic that can be wiped clean with a simple cleaning solution. Your cat will likely be placing their face and their paws on the blinds while looking out the windows, making it important that the blinds won't be difficult to clean.

As you look for window shades to have installed in your home, it's important that you prioritize blinds like  that will be a good fit when you have a cat. With the above tips, you can feel better with your purchase and ensure that your blinds won't be damaged or especially messy due to your cat.