Key Advantages Of Stone Over Mulch For Landscaping Purposes

As you prepare to complete some landscaping tasks around your home, you may be trying to decide whether to use stone or mulch to finish off the areas you landscape. Both are great options for yards, but stone has some significant benefits and advantages over mulch. Here are several key advantages stone has when used instead of mulch for landscaping purposes.

Stone Is More Durable

One key difference between stone and mulch is the durability of each. If you have ever used mulch in the past, you probably know that every year you must add new, fresh mulch to the areas that already have mulch. This is something that you need to do because mulch wears away over time, and it doesn't keep a fresh, nice appearance to it.

Stone is very different when it comes to durability. Once you put stone down, it will stay there forever. You will never need to add to it or maintain it in any way, because it doesn't wear away, and it always looks just as good as it did when you first placed it in your yard. Stone will last forever in your yard, whereas mulch is more of a temporary type of yard filling.

Stone Is More Affordable In The Long Run

If you compare the costs of mulch and stone, it may seem like mulch is more affordable, and it is when you base the costs strictly on upfront costs. A load of mulch may be cheaper to buy upfront than a load of stone; however, if you calculate the amount of money you will spend over the years on mulch versus stone, you will find that stone is more affordable. This is primarily because stone lasts so long compared to mulch.

Stone Keeps Bugs Away

Some people prefer having stone areas in their yard instead of mulch simply to keep bugs away. There are a variety of bugs that are attracted to wood, and termites are the most popular type. If you add mulch to areas near your home, you may be encouraging termites to dwell there, and having termites near your home is never a good thing.

Termites are destructive insects, and they are not attracted to stone. By using stone in your yard, you will reduce the possibility of having termite infestation in or near your home.

Stone Is Cleaner

If you compare stone and mulch in terms of cleanliness, stone will always win. Imagine days when it is really windy outside or when it has rained a lot. The wind and rain can easily move the mulch from where it currently is to areas where it doesn't belong. Stone is so much heavier than mulch, reducing the chances of it ever moving. The benefit of this is that your yard may stay cleaner with stone, simply because mulch that is forced out of its home from wind and rain can look bad in a yard.

Stone Is Fire-Proof

One other factor you might want to think about is the fact that stone is fire-proof, whereas mulch is not. If you were burning leaves and the fire got out of control, it could catch a lot of areas in your yard on fire, including the areas that contain mulch. If these areas had stone in them, the fire would simply burn out when it came upon these areas. Stone does not burn, nor can it catch on fire.

Mulch has some benefits too, but the benefits of stone typically outweigh the benefits offered by mulch. If you would like to find out what types of stones are available, call a stone supply shop in your city today.