How Aquariums Can Help Those With Alzheimer’s

When somebody develops Alzheimer's disease, their life often becomes frustrating and progressively more difficult. It can cause a person to become less cognizant of their behavior, aggressive, and more difficult to handle. However, an aquarium may help alleviate many of these symptoms:

They Help Calm Alzheimer's Patients

Often, those with Alzheimer's can become anxious or even frustrated with their failing cognitive abilities. In many instances, it can cause them to lash out at others and suffer from high blood pressure. Thankfully, a good aquarium helps alleviate many of these symptoms by providing a calming atmosphere that should decrease these negative symptoms.

In fact, one study in 1999 reported that owning an aquarium was one of the most calming and beneficial things a person with Alzheimer's could do to manage their disease. However, this is not the only benefit that they offer a person.

Problem Solving Skills Can Be Tested

Another major benefit of aquariums is the way that they force those with Alzheimer's to work their mental abilities. One of the best ways to fight against the progression of this disease is to avoid mental stasis and laziness. Taking care of fish requires remembering when to feed them, adding new water, cleaning the tank, and much more.

As a result, an aquarium can be a good way for a person with Alzheimer's to get the kind of mental exercise they need to improve their condition. It won't stop the progression of this disease, but taking care of fish can provide a good bit of mental stimulation.

Socialization Is So Improved

Those with Alzheimer's often end up losing their ability to socialize and interact with others. Part of this loss is simply having nothing left to talk about with anybody. As socialization is an important way of improving the mental skills of those with this disease, it is important to find a way to stimulate good conversation as much as possible.

One of the best ways to do that is to give them an aquarium. Those with Alzheimer's will love spending time taking care of their fish, watching them swim, and discussing them with people. It will also create a central location in their home on which they and their friends can meet and chat.

While an aquarium isn't a cure or a treatment for Alzheimer's, it can help clearly help alleviate many of the symptoms. While it may be necessary to help with the upkeep of the aquarium, it can still provide mental and physical stimulation for their loved one.

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