Preventing Ants From Invading Your Home

Ants can be irritating pests if they get inside your home. Fortunately, there are a few precautions you can take to keep these insects outside and away from your home. Here are a few tips you can use to prevent an ant invasion.

Seal Cracks

Ants can get into your home through the tiniest cracks in your door frames, window frames, and siding. Use caulk purchased from your local hardware store to seal up the small entryways, and inspect the facade of your home thoroughly to ensure you've gotten every possible gap and crack. Look at patio door seals and handles, as they can sometimes have small openings ants can use to get into your home through. If you have cracks in your foundation, work with a contractor to seal them and perform any other necessary repairs.

Treat Ant Hills

If you have ant hills in your yard or in between the cracks in your sidewalk, take steps to treat and remove them. These insects can live close enough to your home to present a potential threat of invading ants, so removing their homes can help to keep them away. You can use boiling hot water to remove the pests from the hills, or you can use a solution of boric acid and sugar. For ant hills in the yard, be sure to destroy the actual hill structure after treating them to prevent the insects from coming back to reclaim their homes. You can use a rake or shovel for this task.

Eliminate Potential Food Sources

Ants will find food sources in your yard naturally, but you can eliminate some tempting options from your yard. Remove fruit that falls from trees daily, and bring pet food and water dishes inside when your pets are not playing in the yard. Avoid putting food out for birds, particularly on the ground, as this can also serve as a source of food for the ants. Keeping your yard neatly trimmed and clean can go a long way toward reducing the ant population on your property.

Contact A Pest Control Expert

Pest control experts have other ways of dealing with ants, and they can provide special assistance for yards filled with fire ants or other stubborn types of insects. If you have lots of ant hills, or if you suspect you have fire ants on your property, call in an expert to handle the insects. Your pest control company may also be able to help you with additional preventative steps you can take to keep ants out of your home.