Three Advantages Of Gas-Powered Fireplaces

Gas-powered fireplaces are an alternative type of home heating unit that can replicate the appearance of a wood burning fireplace, but which also possess a number of unique benefits due to their use of natural gas as a fuel source instead of wood. Understanding what some of the major advantages associated with installing a gas-powered fireplace within your home are can help you decide if a gas-powered fireplace is the right fit for your home heating needs.

Space Saving

One of the largest advantages associated with gas-powered fireplaces over their wood burning counterparts is the fact that you don't have to deal with storing large amounts of fuel on your property. Instead, a direct line of natural gas will provide the fuel necessary for your fire to burn. Furthermore, gas-powered fireplaces don't require a full chimney like wood fireplaces do, but can make use of thinner venting tubes that are lower profile, reducing the overall size of the unit and making the fireplace installation process simpler and more straightforward. 

Consistent Heating

Another large advantage associated with using natural gas as a fuel source is the fact that it provides a constant stream of heat since the fuel is burned at an even rate and then distributed throughout the room the fireplace is installed in with a blower or fan. This means that you will not experience cold spots or drafts while the fireplace is on, and can continue to enjoy the heat of your fire indefinitely since an unlimited supply of gas will be provided to your fireplace.

Convenience of Operation

Finally, one of the largest advantages associated with gas-powered fireplaces is the fact that they require very little effort to start. You can simply press a button to get the fire going, and won't have to spend time working to get kindling burning hot enough to light firewood, and you won't have to worry about constantly chopping wood into properly sized pieces for your fireplace. This also means that you can turn the fire off just as easily, which is an important safety consideration, and you won't have to continuously add fuel to the fire to make sure that it is burning throughout the night. Furthermore, the heat that is provided by gas-powered fireplaces will be almost immediately generated, so you won't have to worry about sitting around in the cold for a while before you can begin to feel the heat. 

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