4 Places You Should Add Signs Inside Of Your Business

Signs are important not just for the outside of your business, but for the inside of your business as well. Signs help identify where to find things and help establish the flow of your store. All the signs inside of your business should also speak to your branding and overall business personality.

#1 Storefront Signs

When a customer walks up to your storefront, oftentimes they expect to be able to access basic information about your store, such as the hours that you are open, a phone number, and maybe whatever specials that you are running.

You can hang up signs by or on your front door to convey this information. Don't settle for a cheap sign that allows you to fill in your hours. Get a custom-made sign that states your business hours and contact information.

Create another custom sign that has a chalkboard or whiteboard-like surface that you can fill in and change with information about your specials.

#2 Lobby Sign

When someone walks into your store, you should have another sign that greets them. If your store has a waiting area or lobby area, that is where this sign should go. If your store doesn't have a lobby or waiting area, another sign with your store name could go over the cash register and check-out area.

Having a second sign with your name on it inside of your store reinforces your image and reminds customers exactly where they are shopping at.

#3 Room Signs

If your business has multiple signs, you are going to want to go make sure that you label each room. You can keep the labels straightforward, or you can give each room in your business a more creative name.

Keep in mind that room signs are another way to express your branding, so make sure that the design and colors used on any room signs work well with the overall branding.

#4 Directional Signs

Depending on the layout of your store, directional signs can be useful as well. Directional signs can be used to help identify where important things are, such as where the bathrooms and emergency exits are located. You can also use directional signs in a more playful manner, such as pointing out where certain products are located.

Signs are important for your business beyond your storefront signs. A custom design metal sign inside of your business can help establish your brand's image as well as be informational and helpful. Look around your store, and find ways that you can add signs that will help your brand and your customers at the same time.