2 Ways To Create A Tranquil Oasis In Your Noisy City Garden

Urban living has many benefits, including convenience, more employment options, and plenty of things to do in your spare time. Unfortunately, it also has its down sides, and the inescapable noise and chaos of city life and close neighbors is one of them. Even when you have a small garden to enjoy the outdoors in, it is often far from relaxing with the relentless sounds of traffic and passersby.

If you're longing for a peaceful retreat where you can unwind from the stress of busy city life, it's possible to create a more harmonious outdoor living space. Here are two items that will help to make your urban garden a harmonious and calming oasis amidst the clamor of city noise:

1. A rain chain

Rain chains are simple yet highly effective devices that can be fitted to any type of rain gutter. It's essentially a length of chain that can also feature decorative elements and small cups. They're most commonly made from copper, but you can also get them made from aluminium or stainless steel. Copper is popular because it ages beautifully and develops a stunning patina over time.

Rain chains replace a traditional down pipe, and the water from your gutters trickles down the chain to the runoff drain. They create a beautiful visual waterfall, and they also provide a soothing and delightful sound that will help to mask the sounds of the city.

2. A wind chime

Wind chimes are another excellent addition that will help to make your urban garden a more harmonious and calm environment. They're made from a collection of different tubes in various sizes that gently chime as they are moved by the breeze. They are most commonly made from anodized aluminium, which is lightweight yet durable.

Wind chimes come in a variety of colors and sizes, so you can choose one that perfectly complements your outdoor area. They also come in a range of different pitches and tones, from deep, resonant low notes through to higher, twinkling tones. As well as providing a beautiful sound, wind chimes also add a striking sculptural feature to your garden.

Although noise is an inevitable part of city life, it doesn't mean you have to put up with it in your garden. These two beautiful and effective additions will help to create a barrier against the unwanted sounds and help to make you garden a small patch of tranquility.