Appliance Shopping List For A Co-Op Gut Renovation

A big part of any complete gut renovation is to pick out the proper appliances. If you're in the process of planning out an overhaul for your co-op, then part of the planning will involve choosing the proper appliances. Only when you have chosen the various appliances will you know how to discuss the final design with your contractor. The size of each appliance, as well as what plumbing and electrical connections it requires is a big issue which needs to be addressed. So, here are the major appliances that you will want to look into purchasing. This shopping list will help you design the space and make sure that your contractor has precise measurements ahead of time.

Washer and Dryer

One of the biggest appliances that you are going to want to get for your co-op is a washer and dryer. It will save you endless trips to a laundromat, which not only saves you money but also time. You will have the luxury of doing your laundry at your own convenience, and not having to plan it around when the laundromat is open. However, the washer and dryer will need to be chosen carefully so that it fits into the overall plan for your co-ops renovation. So, make sure you look at the different size options and then discuss with your contractor which one will work best with the configuration that you are planning.

Sink with Companion Dishwasher

If you're doing a complete gut renovation, you will want to renovate the kitchen, and this includes a new sink and a companion dishwasher. The important thing is to get appliances that match and which also fit in your space seamlessly. If you've never used a dishwasher before (perhaps you brought an older co-op and the prior tenants did not have a dishwasher) then you need to make sure that you design your new kitchen space with it in mind. If you are in a small space (such as a studio or one-bedroom co-op) you can look at compact dishwashers that will fit easily alongside your sink.


Along with the washer dryer and sink/dishwasher combo, the other big appliance that you need to look into is the stove. The type of stove you get will depend upon how often you cook, as well as how much space you have designed into your renovation. You have a wide range of options, so it's important to have the measurements up front and give these over to your contractor so that they can fit the stove design into the kitchen layout and make the washer dryer and stove all fit smoothly together into your new build.