Pros And Cons Of Equipping Your Porch With Curtains

If you're looking for your newly constructed front porch to have a different style, one option that you might be considering is adding curtains. Outdoor curtains, installed at each end of the porch and perhaps even across the front, can make a major difference in how this part of your home looks and feels. Before you make this change, it's worthwhile to evaluate both the advantages and drawbacks of this addition.

Pro: Privacy

You might enjoy sitting out on your porch at various times of the day but not like the idea of being so visible to people who walk and drive past your home. For example, you might want to sit with your morning coffee in your bathrobe but not want people to see you in such a state. Installing curtains can be an effective way of making your porch much more private for you and for your family members.

Con: Wind Problems

If you live in a windy area, curtains can help to block the wind from blowing across your porch. This is a benefit, but there are also some problems that can arise. Strong winds have the potential to cause damage to your curtains in a variety of ways. Frequent gusts could tear the curtains, requiring you to replace them, while wind could also break the mounting hardware off the porch — again, leading to a major repair/replacement job.

Pro: Cleanliness

If you're someone who is keen on keeping the inside and outside of your house clean, porch curtains can be a valuable addition. They're a good way to prevent dirt and debris from your yard from blowing up onto the porch. Gusts of wind can frequently carry all sorts of small debris onto porches. This not only leaves the porch dirty but can be problematic because you and your family members will be carrying this dirt and debris into your home on your shoes. Curtains will keep the bulk of this debris off the porch, helping you to keep both it and the interior of your home cleaner.

Con: Visibility Concerns

It's handy if your neighbors can see the front of your home, as they'll be able to notice if something appears to be out of place. For example, if an unknown suspect has attempted a break-in while you're on vacation, a neighbor might notice that the front door appears damaged. He or she could then get in touch with you and call the authorities. Porch curtains may inhibit someone from noticing such issues, which could be problematic.

For more information, contact a porch company.