Appliance Shopping List For A Co-Op Gut Renovation

A big part of any complete gut renovation is to pick out the proper appliances. If you're in the process of planning out an overhaul for your co-op, then part of the planning will involve choosing the proper appliances. Only when you have chosen the various appliances will you know how to discuss the final design with your contractor. The size of each appliance, as well as what plumbing and electrical connections it requires is a big issue which needs to be addressed. Read More 

4 Things To Check Before Calling A Home Air Conditioner Repair Company

The last thing any homeowner wants is for their air conditioner to stop operating properly on a hot summer's day. When an A/C does stop working as it should, a person's first instinct may be to call a home air conditioner repair company to come out and make repairs. But if you want to save yourself some money, make sure to check the following things before making that call: Breakers Read More